Thursday, December 24, 2009

cloudy with a chance of meteors?! that's not write or how i spelled right! XD

good day,today's news counterfeit early access drives poptropicans crazy! many early access passes are being stolen! banks are being guarded and poptropica stores are be extremely guarded! that's the, let's move on to our weatherman friendly shark. the weather calls for 100% chance of meteors! you can find the brand new store item called METEOR SHOWER. (i'm not taking a picture of it!!!)   for 250 credits! so, watch your head for any  meteors! that's all the weather news! thank you ,F.S this has been poptropica blog news! goodbye and merry christmas!        posted by: news anchor by F.S and weatherman as F.S as well! XD

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