Wednesday, January 13, 2010

staff on break but not Friendly Shark!

The staff is on vacation but not me! while they are away I went to Counterfeit Island and took pictures of myself enjoying the view!

                                     me at the local cafe drinking black juice.

                                         I tried singing,but my voice is horrible!

                                       Me and statues at the museum

                                          Me and more statues at the museum

                                                           Me and "the scream"

                                           Me and a statue outside the museum and a BIRD?!

                                                        In the park.

     I was gonna go into the hotel but the sign said: The MOLDY baguette Inn and I thought "MOLDY? sorry,not my kind of hotel!

That's my trip to Counterfeit Island and it's ALL 100% TRUE!

                     posted by: Friendly Shark

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